Meet KOTO d.o.o.

KOTO is a Slovenian manufacturing company with over 130 employees. It has been providing significant support for the Slovenian food processing industry with its solutions since 1947. Lately, it has also developed waste treatment  solutions for Slovenian public utilities . With our services,  innovative approach and export oriented focus, we are also strengthening our position internationally. . 
Principle of sustainable development guides our operations and is also reflected in our daily work. Clean and environmentally friendly technology provides comprehensive solutions for treating animal by-products and recycling  biological waste to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
We at KOTO have pledged ourselves to sustainable care for a clean and safe future. We pursue the highest environmental and veterinary requirements in all areas of our operations. Our high-quality services and innovative solutions contribute to keeping our environment clean as well as to protecting the health of people and animals, which contributes to the long-term safe development and existence of society as a whole.

The tradition of harmony with nature

is a slogan committing all employees of KOTO to act according to the principles of sustainable development at all levels of the company's operations i.e. veterinary service, food safety and environmental protection, and to reflect the company's main commitment, i.e. guaranteeing constant and quality service in handling biological and other resources.

The company's activities are:

  • collection, processing, and sale of raw hides
  • production and marketing animal and vegetable oils, mixtures, derivatives, and other fodder components for the needs of food processing, pet food, and the chemical industry
  • collection and processing animal by-products of category 1 and 2 and category 3
  • collection of domestic kitchen waste, used cooking oil, and other biodegradable waste
  • processing biodegradable waste into biogas and generating electrical energy from renewable sources
  • collection and processing waste and sludge from municipal and industrial wastewater purification facilities

KOTO through time

KOTO started as early as 1947. Its rich history tells the story of development and perseverance even through the harshest of times and of constantly finding new business directions. 

  • 1947Start exporting finished products and pigskin leather as the main export product.
  • 1947KOTEKS is established on 19 June 1947 from the former Slovene Agency for the Trade of Hides and Textiles.
  • 1952Start collecting slaughterhouse waste
  • 1954Registration of the export-import company TOBUS
  • 1956Transition of Tobus to the import department of Koteks
  • 1959Takeover of the rendering plant in Zgornji Kašelj
  • 1961The merger of Koteks and Tobus on 28 December 1961 into KOTEKS-TOBUS
  • 1966Construction of the protein concentrate factory in Zalog
  • 1967The boutique on Miklošičeva cesta in Ljubljana opens
  • 1973Establishment of the Basic Organisations of Associated Labor KOPROD for the area of production activities and KOTRADE for trading activities and company's common service
  • 1974The merger of KOTO and INDE Vransko
  • 1974$20 million-worth of exports places the company among the largest exporters in Slovenia
  • 1987The reconstruction of the protein concentrate factory in Zalog is completed
  • 1989As of 1 July 1989, the company acts as a uniform social enterprise
  • 1996Transformation of KOTO into a public limited company
  • 1999Acquisition of the ISO 14001 Certificate
  • 2000From May 2000 onwards, KOTO acts as a concessionaire for performing commercial public service of slaughterhouse waste and infectious material of animal origin management
  • 2004The company relocates to Zalog in Ljubljana
  • 2005Construction of a biological wastewater treatment plant for wastewater treatment
  • 2006Acquisition of the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
  • 2006The construction of the plant for processing category 3 animal by-products
  • 2008Start of the biogas plant and the production of electricity from renewable energy sources
  • 2010Start processing biodegradable sludge from facilities for cleaning municipal and industrial wastewater
  • 2010The status transformation of the public limited company KOTO d.d. to the limited liability company KOTO d.o.o.
  • 2010Annexation of the waste processing plant for recycling at Zalog in Novo mesto to the parent company
  • 2010Acquisition of the uniform environmental permit
  • 2014Construction of the demonstration centre for growing algae

Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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