Fat of animal and plant origin is stored at our own facility (fat terminal), where we also make appropriate fat mixtures according to the requirements and needs of our customers.

Using a modern vehicle fleet, our own development, and production based on highly trained and educated staff and modern equipment, we are able to cater to the specific needs of any individual customer and to adjust the composition and quality of the fat mixture.

We provide complete solutions for:

  • orders
  • shipping, and
  • delivery.

We provide expert support, prompt service, a quick response time, and adaptability.

Our level of excellence is confirmed by quality and environmental standards, as well as long-time working relationships with local and foreign companies.

Products and services 

We offer a wide selection of animal fat, vegetable oil, and fat mixtures for animal fodder. If you would like a price quote, please, call us or send an inquiry.


Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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