Green Energy

Biogas is biofuel classified as a renewable energy source.

Using clean and environmentally friendly technology, we can produce biogas from biodegradable waste and wastewater.

The biological process of biogas production takes place at controlled, anaerobic environment under thermophilic conditions in airtight heated reactors, called digesters. The energy from waste is transformed into biogas which is used for the continuous co-production of green electrical energy and heat in the combined heat and power cogeneration unit.

The use of biogas reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and significantly contributes to the fight against global warming.

The majority of produced electrical energy is utilized on site for internal production facilities. The heat sources is mostly used to generate steam and to heat our premises during the cold seasons.

Using environmentally efficient technology brings us closer to fulfilling our mission, our environmental and maintain a high level of power efficiency.

Biogas plant

Biogas production:                    ~ 1.8 mi m³/year
Produced electrical energy                            ~  4,000 MWh/year
Utilized heat                            ~ 2,000 MWh/year

Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
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