Biodegradable waste

Collecting and processing biodegradable waste from the food industry, the retail sector and public waste management

We provide complete solutions in handling biodegradable waste from the food industry, the retail sector, and from public waste management.

Biodegradable waste can be a great burden on the environment, and handling it is very demanding and highly regulated. KOTO provides the service of collecting and processing waste in accordance with the legislature. We collect various biodegradable waste and process it in an environmentally friendly way from various sources, such as

  • service activities
  • retail and trade sector
  • agricultural activities
  • food industry and
  • public waste management

Anaerobic processing of biodegradable waste produces biogas, which is used to cover a major part of energy consumption of our own production complex.

We offer assistance in handling the necessary documentation, and we collect and process the waste in accordance with regulations.


  • handling biodegradable waste in accordance with regulations
  • counselling and assistance in handling the necessary documentation
  • possibility of placing containers at your location
  • transport of biodegradable waste using our own vehicles
  • appropriate reception of biodegradable waste includes cleaning your delivery vehicles
  • adaptability according to individual company needs and requirements

We collect:

  • biodegradable kitchen waste
  • waste from food markets
  • products with an expired sell-by date from the retail sector
  • grease and oil mixtures from grease traps containing only cooking oil and grease
  • biodegradable waste from the food industry
  • biodegradable waste from agriculture 
  • biodegradable waste from public waste management

Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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