Collecting and processing animal by-products

Handling animal by-products (ABP) and public services

Complete solution in handling ABP includes collecting and processing Category 3 ABP and providing a general economic service for Category 1 and 2 ABP. 


Animal by-products (ABP) come as the result of animal slaughter or death i.e. processing animal products. This can include entire carcasses or animal parts, products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals that are not intended for human nutrition. If they are incorrectly used or disposed of, they can be a threat to the health of people and animals and can harm the environment, which is why the handling of such material is regulated by both EU and Slovene legislature.

They are grouped into three different categories, each indicating a level of risk for public health and health of animals: 


  • Category 1 ABP are materials containing potentially dangerous substances and are therefore processed and eliminated as waste through incineration. This most commonly includes infected or possibly infected animals i.e. containing prohibited substances, which can act as dangerous pollutants. Category 1 ABP also includes carcasses of pets, ZOO animals, and catering waste from international transport.
  • Category 2 ABP are also materials containing potentially dangerous substances. They include dead animals, digestive tract content, floating layers, rotten meat, faeces etc. Category 2 ABP is processed similarly to Category 1 ABP. 
  • Category 3 ABP are edible substances of animal origin, but are commonly not used and discarded due to commercial reasons. This includes e.g. animal parts (hides, hooves, horns, pig bristles, bird feathers, and blood), excess products from the food industry, eggs, milk, fish,etc. Appropriate processing of Category 3 ABP produces substances that can used as pet food and fertiliser, and quite often in the technical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Slovenia produces more than 150 tonnes of animal waste per day. KOTO provides a safe way of collecting and processing the waste, so that this waste no longer poses a threat to the environment.

Collecting and processing Category 1 and 2 ABP

Producers of Category 1 and 2 ABP must hand over the hazardous material to authorised processors with the permit for handling this type of substances. In Slovenia, KOTO signed a five-year concession agreement with the state for providing the mandatory state commercial public service of handling Category 1 and 2 ABP. 
All relevant information regarding the pickup of C1 and C2 ABP is available in the Instructions and information for users of the public service >>

Collecting and processing Category 3 ABP

Animal by-products must, due to their composition, be collected and processed as soon as possible. KOTO has provided services in this regard for several years now, and our experience and modern technology help our business partners conduct their activities without problems. Our modern vehicle fleet provides quick pickup and transport of ABP from slaughterhouses and meat-processing facilities anywhere in Slovenia. We also provide expert support and assistance throughout the entire process - from handling the appropriate paperwork to organising pickup, processing, and optimising costs.

Our advantages include long-time experience, expertise and long-term cooperation with numerous Slovene slaughterhouses, meat processing facilities, agricultural cooperatives, farms, merchants, and individuals.

To arrange a pickup of animal by-products write to, or call us on +386 (0) 1 587 81 41.  
We determine the method of collecting and transporting ABP with each client individually, depending on our needs and work processes. If you are not already included in our organised system of collection points and centres, please call our phone number +386 (0) 1 58 78 210 first.
We will find a mutually satisfactory solution.  


  • collecting and transporting Category 3 animal by-products with our own vehicles
  • appropriate processing of collected ABP at the processing plant
  • counselling and assistance with handling the necessary documentation
  • keeping the customers up to date on legislative changes

Our advantages

  • quick response time and client adaptability
  • personal approach to providing complete solutions – counselling, organisation, collecting, processing, and expert support
  • long-time experience and tradition, which is evident in the reliability of our services
  • possibility of constant collection of all materials due to our own production capabilities
  • complete solution for all animal by-products

Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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