Collecting and Processing Raw Hides

Our own vehicles and expert employees care of the entire process, from collecting to processing and selling raw hides.


Preserving and adding to the natural characteristics of raw materials from the central European region is KOTO's traditional and oldest activity. We started processing raw hides in 1947 and the decades of experience, as well as loyal and satisfied customers, confirm our excellence.
Our services include:

  • cowhides and 
  • calf hides of various categories.

As a sustainable company we try to reduce negative environmental impacts, so we reduced the use of salt in our work process and, consequently, resulting greenhouse emissions. Our special attention goes to fresh raw hides of Slovene origin, which guarantee high quality material for even the most demanding clients.

We are also present in many European and Asian markets, where we cover haberdashery and shoemaking, clothing, furniture, and the automotive industry.
Through years of experience, expertise and adaptability we are able to keep up with the daily challenges and satisfy our customers. Our goal is long-term collaboration based on trust, quality, and expertise.


  • collecting and transporting fresh hides with our vehicles anywhere in Slovenia
  • quality control and sorting
  • quality processing
  • storage in appropriately cooled chambers
  • quality re-check prior to shipment
  • raw hide sale
  • help with selecting a suitable hide category
  • help with organising transport and delivery



  • 70-year tradition of  processing raw hides in Slovenia
  • expert team with many years of experience
  • long-term collaboration with Slovene slaughterhouses
  • suppliers to numerous global manufacturers of high quality leather
  • personal approach in working with suppliers and customers
  • reliability and client adaptability
  • possibility of issuing a veterinary certificate according to intended use – technical use or consumption (as per prior arrangement)


Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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