Used cooking oils

Collecting and processing used cooking oils and fat

We provide complete solutions in handling used cooking oils and fat.



Cooking oil waste can still be used as material with market value despite being already used. It can be reused, as we can process collected oil into an interesting product for biodiesel manufacturers.

KOTO purchases and processes used cooking oil and fat from

  • the catering industry
  • other trades and industry
  • educational and health institutions, and
  • other service activities


As much as 90% of a litre of oil can be used as biodiesel - an environmentally friendly fuel.

Used cooking oil and fat are collected and processed in accordance with the sustainable principle of the ISCC system. Our level of excellence is confirmed by our long-time collaboration with some of the leading biofuel producers in Europe.

We collect oil and fat:

  • in liquid and semi-liquid form
  • in solid form, and
  • in several types of packaging.
  • At our location in Ljubljana Zalog smaller quantities of used oil from households are also accepted. 


  • purchase and collection of used oils and fat
  • appropriate processing in accordance with regulations
  • counselling and assistance with handling documentation
  • storage
  • manufacture and sale of high-quality products in accordance with the sustainable principles of the ISCC system


Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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