Waste from wastewater cleaning facilities

Collecting and processing waste from wastewater treatment plants

We provide complete solutions in handling waste from the process of cleaning municipal and industrial wastewater.

Wastewater produced in urban areas (municipal wastewater) and specific industrial processes (coolants, industrial wastewater) can contain complex pollutants capable of harming the environment. They need to be removed and processed accordingly so they no longer pose a threat to the environment.

KOTO provides a complete solution in handling mud, sludge, and other waste produced by wastewater cleaning facilities, public municipal companies, and industrial processes.

We collect, transport, and appropriately process the following:

  • dehydrated sludge
  • residues collected from rakes and sieves
  • waste from grit chambers and grease traps

Waste produced by wastewater purification in municipal and biological treatment plants contains many hazardous materials, which can have a negative impact on the soil and quality of groundwater. Consequentially, food manufacture is affected, and that is why this type of waste must be processed appropriately.

We provide:

  • expert counselling and assistance with planning
  • handling the necessary documentation and keeping records
  • placement of containers at your location
  • quick response time and adaptability with waste collecting
  • processing waste in an environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with valid legislation
  • cost optimisation for waste treatment
  • support and assistance for clients during the entire process of providing the service.

Our advantages:

  • team of experts with years of experience in waste processing
  • weighing waste on an officially calibrated scale
  • modern vehicle fleet located in Ljubljana enables quick response time and client adaptability
  • responsible and sustainable waste treatment​




Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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