Social Responsibility

KOTO has strong ties with the local environment and also the general social community. We are well aware of the role and responsibility we have due to our activity and products, and this is a commitment for our company to act socially responsible and within the goals of sustainable development at all levels.

Caring for employees

The employees at KOTO are a priceless source of knowledge, skills, and experience. Our responsibility to them binds us to provide conditions that facilitate work in a safe and motivating work environment, which includes an appropriate reward system and employee training, as well as favourable career and personal growth opportunities. We are aware that a high level of expertise is the basis for the quality of our services and products, which affect our business partners and the general social environment.

KOTO follows its CODE OF ETHICS, which binds all employees, regardless of their position or work area, to excellence in work relations and customer or supplier relations, as well as relations with partners, the social community in general, and the media.

Future employees are invited to apply for jobs via public tenders and website notifications, and we also offer the option of permanent entry in the employment seekers' register.


Responsibility to the local community

We are aware of our responsibility to the local community, which is most affected by our activity, which is why we are committed to open dialogue and cooperation with all key participants. KOTO is not just a manufacturing and distribution company; we are also active in the local environment as a partner and a neighbour striving for quality co-existence. We can be reached at the toll-free phone number 080 12 62 any day of the week.

With the aim of listening to the various interests of the local community and achieving set goals together, we organise annual visits by the local community and open days for the public.


Protecting the environment

Caring for the environment and for health and safety are constituent parts of KOTO's business policy, which is stressed by our moto: "The Tradition of Harmony with Nature". KOTO is aware of the importance of preserving the environment and we diligently follow the demanding environmental standards and the principles of sustainable development. We became one of the first companies in Slovenia to receive the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate in 1999. Using and developing new environmentally friendly technologies sets KOTO apart as one of the first in Slovenia to demonstrate an example of industry and ecology working hand in hand, and of striving to find better solutions to preserve the environment.


Sponsorships and donations

Occasional donations are intended to help local communities in accordance with our mission and vision. KOTO focuses on helping in sports, culture, and humanitarian matters.

Our donations do not provide financial or other support to activities of political parties or their representatives.

Our solutions and products contribute significantly to realising the idea of the circular economy.
We are a reliable partner who will help you achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

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